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Our Story

Wellness Organics - Our Story

Our goal is to help you meet yours.

Wellness Organics isn’t just a CBD brand, we’re a wellness company. We are here to create high quality products that help put you on a path towards your optimal health goals, whether that’s a more peaceful mind, higher performance, or relief from your aches and pains.

Our story started with family

We began as two siblings, a pharmaceutical rep and a doctor, who witnessed firsthand how traditional medicine was letting people down. We turned to CBD and began incorporating it into our own daily routine. The effects were immediate. It quickly helped us ease both the physical and mental stresses of long strenuous hours working in medicine.

Wanting to pass along the benefits, we shared our discovery with our family. And once they experienced it for themselves, they were also hooked. We joined together as a multi-generational team, passionate about the pursual of optimal health, and are now happy to share high quality CBD with the world.


Adam Torres interviews Mike Gray Co Founder & VP of Operations at Wellness Organics
Podcast 1/13/2020