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Soothing an active mind with CBD

It was looking to find something to placate her anxious mind that led 29-year-old Paige to CBD. The Santa Monica resident found herself tossing and turning at night and when she finally made it to sleep, it was a struggle to stay asleep. Paige had heard about the positive effects of CBD and liked that it was an all-natural alternative to sleeping pills.

Between her job in email marketing and an active lifestyle of working out, going to live music shows, traveling, and trying out new restaurants, Paige couldn’t afford to be groggy. She decided to give CBD a try. Since then it has become a staple in her nightly routine. Each night before bed, she showers, brushes her teeth, does her daily skincare routine, and then takes her CBD gummy. It helps her ease into a peaceful mindset and relax before falling asleep.

Paige understands how important sleep is for a happy and healthy lifestyle, which makes her appreciate the positive effects CBD has had on her sleeping schedule. The changes have helped make her happier and more productive in her day-to-day activities.

While she loves that Wellness Organics offers a wide variety of products, the gummies are Paige’s favorite. She loves that they’re a little sweet treat after dinner and before bed.

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