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New Years Resolutions

Wellness Organics - New Year's Resolutions - CBD

As we enter not just a new year, but a whole new decade, we find ourselves looking back on things we wish we did differently and how we can change in the future. For many of us, the 60% who make resolutions specifically, a new year means more than just forgetting to write the correct year for the first few weeks, but the promise of a fresh start with a clean slate.

While it’s easy to want to go big and take extreme steps to better ourselves during this time, it is in small daily changes that progress truly lies. It is estimated that 80% of all resolutions fail, and while this number may seem daunting, it does not need to be your truth. Here are a few tips and tricks for promoting long-lasting health and happiness in the New Year.

Write your resolutions down

First and foremost, be specific and realistic with your goals. Break them into bite-sized chunks and then write them into your routine. Take it day by day through starting with steps you can take now and try not to focus too far into the future. Eliminating soda and sweets from your diet for the next 24 hours is a lot easier to follow through on then holding yourself accountable for losing ten pounds by the month’s end.

Also, when eliminating bad habits, focus more on replacing them with a positive alternative. For example, instead of just giving up your lunchtime cola, replace it with our SeeBeeDee Daytime Tea for a healthier jolt of caffeine. Or if you’re turning to an after-work beer or wine to ease the anxiety of the day, why not try adding our CBD drops to a sparkling fruit-infused water instead to relieve the tension?

Work on happiness first

Getting yourself into a good headspace is a vital part to following through on your goals. Rather than just adding resolutions to your plate, decide what you can take off of it. What tasks and responsibilities are not vital that are sucking valuable time from your day? Whether that means you’ll stop checking emails after hours or eliminating social media after dinner, there’s small changes to be made to help promote health and happiness.

Take steps to be present, whether that’s through family time, a hot bath, meditation, or a meaningful creative project. CBD is a great way to focus on the here and now and relieve the anxiousness and racing thoughts that lead your mind astray. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is also vital to promoting healthy thoughts. Read our blog post here to learn more on helping yourself catch some z’s.

Create a community

Sometimes it takes a village, especially when it comes to holding yourself accountable. Share your progress with like-minded friends and family members who have similar goals to your own. Root for each other, however, while celebrating your triumphs and picking each other up when down, be sure not to compare and contrast. While your end goals may be similar, no two journeys are ever the same.

Wellness Organics CBD - Check in with Yourself

Check in with yourself

Refer back to your written goals and celebrate your progress along the way. It’s okay if there are setbacks. The sooner you accept them and bounce back, the faster you’ll move forward. Enjoy the process. Pour yourself a cup of our relaxing SeeBeeDee Nighttime Tea, draw a bath, and reflect on how far you’ve come. Also, don’t focus on what you’re giving up, but what you’re gaining. Sprinkling in healthy rewards is a great way to do so. If working out is one of your 2020 resolutions, why not invest in our CBD salve as a post-gym treat to soothe your aching muscles?

Now that you have a plan to join the 20% successful in fulfilling their resolutions, we hope you have a fantastic 2020 filled with health, happiness, and good friends.