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Moms: Everything you need to know about CBD tea and helping your anxiety

I have spent the majority of my life suffering from anxiety. I didn’t quite realize it until I experienced some life-changing and traumatic events in the last 5 years. In just the span of 5 months I got married, graduated from college, got pregnant and moved 1,100 miles away from home. I was only 22 at the time and real life was hitting me hard, and all at once.

Fast forward 15 months and (SURPRISE!) I’m pregnant again. So far, nothing in my husband and I’s life together had gone as planned. He was in the Marine Corps and we lived away from family and there was just so much going on. At this time, our daughter was 8 months old and I was back at work full time. The mom guilt was real and hard. I could feel myself going down a path of depression and my anxiety was only getting stronger. I was at a job I hated and the negativity in my brain was overwhelming.

Long story short, my second pregnancy was very complicated from the start. But my husband and I were excited to welcome another baby into the world. Our son was born prematurely at only 29 weeks gestation (11 weeks early). He spent 72 days in the NICU. During that time is when I realized I had anxiety. The constant worrying about if my baby is breathing, then watching him stop breathing altogether. Wondering if I’m doing everything in my power to help him thrive. Then it hit me like a wave and I thought to myself, “I have struggled with this my ENTIRE life.” This anxiety has consumed me so much, why am I just now realizing this?! It took that traumatic time in my life to realize it and accept it.

That’s not to say I had this huge epiphany and solved all of my issues. After bringing our son home from the hospital, I had some postpartum depression. Something I never really talked about or told anyone. Not even my husband. I think back on it now and want to scream at myself, “ASK FOR HELP!” But I never did. I did however get out of my little rut and was able to find a new job that I enjoyed and did little things for myself. I took warm baths and I started working out again. Then we moved again and the anxiety came back. My husband is still in the Marine Corps, but has a new job as a recruiter. They call it the “at-home deployment” because he is hardly ever home. The anxiety came creeping in, and so did the depression. I was having such a hard time finding a solution for it. I tried medication, but I didn’t like the way it made me feel.

Then one day, I got a phone call to try these CBD products. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I wasn’t too knowledgeable about the products, just knew what I had heard from others. I decided to give it a try and I’m so happy to say that it has helped lower my overall anxiety I experience daily.

My favorite product so far is the dropper (Wellness CBD Drops). It’s so convenient. I can just stick it in my purse and take it out when I need it. I have also loved the teas. The nighttime tea (SeeBeeDee’s Nighttime Tea) has helped me get that deep sleep that I desperately need (am I right mommas?).

It’s been a game changer for me because I just thought this was something I had to struggle with every day for the rest of my life. It is something I still work through at times, but it has been the most helpful in lowering that gut wrenching feeling. The feeling of relief feels much better. It’s a relief to find a solution that is not detrimental to my body and is completely organic. I am excited to continue my journal with Wellness Organics and conquer my anxiety!

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