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How can CBD help you sleep?

How can CBD help you sleep - Wellness Organics

Sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle and vital in gaining the energy you need to handle the stressors of the day to day. Yet it is those same stressors that hinder us in acquiring the restful sleep our body’s demand.

Getting those 7-9 hours a night doesn’t just leave you energized and in a good mood, it contributes to helping promote healthy immune, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems, as well as, lowering inflammation and disease.

While some are gifted with the ability to drift off as soon as their heads hit the pillow, others toss and turn, watching the clock shift steadily towards morning. If you find yourself amongst the latter, here are a few simple changes to your daily routine to help you not just drift off, but also continue snoozing throughout the night.

Set the scene

Set the scene - Better Sleep with CBD - Wellness Organics

The secret to a good night’s sleep starts well before bedtime. A good place to start is monitoring your caffeine consumption throughout the day. Caffeine’s halflife is about 5 hours, so your afternoon coffee could be affecting you long after your last sip. Switching to tea, which contains less caffeine, can be a great alternative. Our daytime SeeBeeDee tea will leave you feeling awake and alert without the jitters associated with that cup of joe.

Another good place to start is regulating your circadian rhythm. You can do this by making sure you’re getting enough sunlight throughout the day and keeping your room dark at night. Eliminating television and cellphone use, along with blue light emitters before bed can increase your body's production of melatonin, which helps you sleep. Also, if you have a clock by your bed, move it out of sight. Not only could the brightness affect your sleep patterns, watching the clock tick by can heighten anxiety about nodding off.

CBD and sleep

Research has shown that CBD is an effective, safe, and non-habit forming way to combat insomnia through its interactions with the receptors that control our waking and sleeping cycle. Additionally, CBD helps to ease anxiety, depression, along with aches and pain, which are well-known disruptors of sleep.

If you find stress following you to your pillow, our nighttime SeeBeeDee tea is an herbal blend that is naturally caffeine-free and a great way to calm anxious thoughts. If tea isn’t your cup of tea, however, try adding our wellness drops to your beverage of choice. Either of these in combination with a good book or meditation practice is a great way to put yourself into a relaxed state.

If it’s aches and pains that are preventing you from catching some zzz’s, rub the afflicted area with our wellness salve. While the CBD provides much needed relief, the lavender and eucalyptus scent will help ease your senses.

Interested in adding our teas, salves, or drops to your nightly routine? Find them now in our store and then leave us a review to let us know how CBD has helped improve your sleep schedule.