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Balancing a busy schedule with CBD

Between his day job at an entertainment company and pursuit of his passions, acting and stand-up comedy, Lazarous doesn’t have time to slow down. He has his made health a top priority, starting each day with fruit and water, having his largest meal between 2-3 p.m., and then finishing off his day with a lighter meal such as a salad or more fruit.

Despite his busy schedule, you can still find him at the gym at least four times a week. It was this dedication to his well being that led him to seek out a healthier alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

This mission is what led Lazarous to discover CBD and he has been incorporating it into his daily routine ever since. In the beginning, he would bounce around from brand to brand not finding any one that he felt particularly loyal to. That all changed, however, when a friend recommended the high-quality broad spectrum CBD of Wellness Organics.

After long days of pursuing his creative passions and strenuous sessions in the gym, Lazarous turns to CBD to help him relax. His personal favorite is our Wellness Drops, which are the fastest and most effective form of CBD. And since they are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free, they fit nicely into a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in adding our drops into your daily routine, you can find a variety of flavors here: